Wisdom Series 01

 I live in Seattle and we are blessed with some of the worst traffic in America.  Maybe it’s not as bad as Mexico City or Rome but believe me, traffic is bad here.   

It’s F-R-U-S-T-R-A-T-I-N-G to be stopped or slowed down.!

Let’s face it, nobody likes being stuck, whether in traffic, on a hot airplane that’s not taking off or in life challenges.  And yet a lot of different circumstances come our way which can leave us feeling like we are STUCK and helpless.  Know this… you never get yourself unstuck by just sitting there and doing nothing.

If, as you read this, you are finding yourself emotionally identifying with my description, then it may be the time to Take Action!  The sooner that you act the sooner you may find yourself rolling down the highway of life again to your envisioned destination.

Ask yourselves these 3 questions:

1.       Am I clear with the directions to my destination?  Intentions don’t get us anywhere; do I know where I am going?

2.       Am I looking in the rearview mirror of my life?  Looking back at failures or even reveling in my past victories can run me off the road of life so fast.  Look forward, focus toward your destiny.

3.       Do I need a lane change?  Look around, are there options?  Who can you ask to get in your car, so you can be in the HOV lane? 

If you answered “That’s me” to any or all of these questions, then it’s time to call the tow truck (metaphorically) to get yourself moving again.  

Here are my recommendations:

1.       Talk to Jesus about it.  I can’t guarantee that he will talk back but you will immediately begin to feel the weight you are under lifting and hope will begin to fill you once again.  In Psalm 142:2 we are told that King David poured out his complaint to God.  One cool thing about the Psalms is that we frequently see David start off by complaining about something and then, by the time the Psalm is done, his whole outlook and perspective seems to have shifted.  That can happen to you too! That’s empowering!


2.       Talk to 2 or 3 close and wise friends.  Your community can be remarkable at such times. Ask for their help and for their honesty.  Don’t complain to your friends, they won’t really want to hear that and it’s a waste of everybody’s time.   For complaining, go back to point 1.  Tell them, though, what you are experiencing and how you are feeling and ask them for their honest advice and perspective.  Sometimes we are blind to things that are limiting us but our friends may see those things more clearly.  Do you remember the story in the gospels about the 4 guys who picked up their lame friend and tore open the thatched roof of a home to lower their friend down into Jesus midst when they couldn’t get him through the large crowd that had assembled outside?  That’s how powerful friends can be!!  That’s transformational!

3.       Talk to a good Coach or Counselor.  These professionals can help you discover what the best way is of getting into a different lane altogether or improving your personal performance or people skills so that you can achieve a needed breakthrough.   Our good friend Carla says…  ”Don’t skimp on your shoes or your therapist.”  That’s wise advice!