The 5-C's of Finding Mr/Mrs Right (Part 1)

There are few decisions in life as important as the one you make about who you are going to marry! That one decision has the potential of bringing you great joy and happiness or tremendous grief and pain. It's completely pervasive and significantly impacts every part of your life. It's critically important to get this decision "right".

I've given this quite a bit of thought over the years (as I've worked with people) and believe that I can list the 5 most important characteristics that one should look for to really nail this decision. So, I've decided to do a 5-part series of short blogs here over the next couple of weeks to help any of you who are still needing to find that right person. Or maybe you know someone else who is and can share this with them.

As it turns out, they all begin with the letter "C". Now won't that make them easy to remember! Ok, here we go with #1.

1. Chemistry - You may be surprised to see me listing this one first but if there isn't any chemistry then after you've gone out on one date with someone, you won't ever go out on a second one. Chemistry is that "intangible something" that makes that person intriguing to you. It draws you back and makes you want to have more interaction with them, to see what they are thinking, what they are like and what they are interested in. Chemistry also includes some arousal of your emotions. You'll know that you have chemistry when you find yourself thinking about that person (maybe even daydreaming) even when you aren't around them. And you can't wait till you see them again.

While Chemistry is vital at the first, it turns out to be the least important in the long run. In fact, Chemistry can deceive you in a BIG way so don't put much trust in it. The big challenge will be to not allow yourself to be blinded by Chemistry. It can make you throw wisdom right out of the window. Nevertheless, it's real and it's vital at the beginning.

Be sure to check back every day or two for the other 4! I promise that we will get more meaty and practical!