The 5-C's of Finding Mr/Mrs Right (Part 2)

In today’s post, I will be covering characteristic #2 – Christ-Centeredness

In my first post I stated that the first characteristic was Chemistry. Because without that, you probably aren’t spending any more meaningful time out of your busy schedule investigating the possibilities with someone further.

If you are a Jesus follower, then the second characteristic needs to be that the person you are interested in also Christ-centric. This is such an important principle that Paul states it very plainly by saying “Don’t be unequally yoked together with an unbeliever.” 2 Corinthians 6:14

I’m not saying that there aren’t some great people out there that don’t follow Christ. Sure there are. But a personal relationship with J.C. should be so transformative in one’s life that there is going to be a very clear distinction between the things that motivate and inspire the two of you. Your relationship with Jesus will influence your world view, how you spend or invest your money, how you raise your children, how you view and process the struggles (as well as the successes) that you experience in life, how you view the future and even your understanding of why you exist on this planet.

And the relationship with Christ that I’m speaking of must be dynamic! A lot of people think that they are Christian and call themselves such because they go to church or went to Sunday School when they were young. That’s not good enough!! Listen to me, That’s not good enough!

Do they have a prayer life? Do they make church a priority? Do they really worship during the services or just mumble the words or stand there with their hands in their pockets? Do they go deeper than just the Sunday sermon? Do they do their own Bible studies; belong to their own small group of people who are mining the word of God? Do they serve in some capacity?

Don’t take this as my insinuation that the person needs to be some super-saint or called into full time ministry, not at all. In fact, I think that there is nothing more wonderful than fully committed believers discovering their God-given calling into science or education or medicine or business or the arts, etc., I’m only saying that their relationship with Jesus needs to be real and that they demonstrate a real level of serious commitment to it.

Otherwise, you will find yourself very alone in one of the most important realms of life, your spiritual life. And, you will quite possibly also find yourself in a struggle with your spouse in decisions needing to be made about how your children should be raised. Should we make them go to church? Should we put them in a Christian based school? What kind of friends should we allow them to have? How should we discipline them? What do we discipline them for? If dad and mom aren’t on the same page in these matters then the kids rule the house and the person with the lowest standards wins the disagreement.

Listen to Paul, find someone who loves Jesus with all of his heart, soul mind and strength and thereby set yourself up for a much greater chance at success, happiness and oneness in marriage.

Characteristic #1 - Chemistry
Characteristic #2 - Christ-Centered
Characteristic #3 - ???
Characteristic #4 - ???
Characteristic #5 - ???

Keep checking back in for the remaining 3!