Everyone needs help from time to time. It could be said that the health of humanity can be measured by how willingly we reach out to help others in tangible ways in times of need.

 POP intentionally looks for opportunities to meet a need, lighten a burden, strengthen an individual or stabilize a family going through a tough time. 

Sometimes the needs are just around the block and sometimes they are on the other side of the world.  POP may be the source of the solution or we may partner with another organization to help meet a specific need.  We believe that when we respond to help meet a need that something amazing happens - a “POP” Moment!


2018 POP Moments

Group of Ladies.JPG


Mom’s Night Out is a moment that Mom’s are encouraged and inspired to influence the next generation with intentional love.

Shenise getting bike.jpg


We had an opportunity to teach a 23-year-old young lady how to ride a bike. On the 3rd lesson, we gave her a bike, donated from a Touring Company, as well as a helmet, backpack and lock. There is something liberating about riding a bike.

David L in Hospital.jpg


We frequently pray for the sick, encourage those going through difficult times and  connect people with others to walk with them through the journey or perhaps be an answer to a prayer.

Coming Up

In Bulgaria, here is a Romi (Gypsy) community with huge needs.  A year ago, the government came and bulldozed their homes in an effort to drive them from the land where they had been living for 35 years.  This is a very marginalized people group.  We are partnering with a church there (and others) to buy new land and erect apartments where the government will leave them alone.  By doing so we will be helping them get a fresh start in a safe environment and will be demonstrating to all the incredible value of all humanity. Let’s GO!  Let’s GIVE!