Why do the world’s greatest athletes, performers and leaders all have coaches?  Because it is effective! Teaming with a good coach can help you solve a problem, maximize your potential and move forward in life, relationships and your career. 

Single Session Coaching:  Let’s connect and go after 1 issue in 1 hour
-$60 for 1 hour (phone or coffee shop, you choose)

When possible, we practice Single Session Coaching where we focus on just one issue, leveraging all of your attention and effort toward getting some quick and specific results. By doing so, you gain tremendous energy and momentum as you begin to see change and breakthroughs happening sooner than you may have expected. Let us help get you through a transition, coach you through a break up, or give you wisdom in a relationship or work problem.

“Parenting” and “Marriage” Single Session Coaching have been our most asked for sessions.

Our next most popular have been “wisdom for a relationship” and “I am mad and need to get over it”.  

If you are a single Mom, we will give you a bonus.  You will be meeting with one of us and our favorite single Mom coach who has gone through hell and at 50 is beautiful, vibrant and still loving her children.

 Coach your team or organization.  It may be 1-5 sessions that your team needs to grow and work together to implement the values and vision of your company.

The greatest need in organizations today is TRUST.   A conversation with 10 team members from all levels in your organization will take you further and faster than you could hope.

Skype, Facetime or onsite 40-minute sessions will bring success.

$500 per group session

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