What is a POP Moment? Intentionally looking for opportunities to serve and show value to others.


Everyone needs a little help from time to time. It could be said that the health of humanity is measured by how willingly we are to tangibly help others in need.

POP intentionally looks for opportunities to meet a need, lighten a burden, strengthen an individual or stabilize a family going through a tough time. 

Often needs can be found just around the block and sometimes they are on the other side of the world.  POP may be the source of the solution or we may partner with another organization or cause to help meet the specific need.  We believe that when we respond to help meet a need that something amazing happens - a “POP” Moment.


Why do the world’s greatest athletes, performers and leaders all have coaches?  Because it is effective! Teaming with a good coach can help to solve a problem, maximize potential and help one move forward in life, relationships and careers.   

When possible, we practice “Single Session Coaching” where we focus on just one issue, leveraging all your attention and effort toward getting some quick and specific results.  By doing so, you gain tremendous energy and momentum as you begin to see change and breakthroughs happening sooner than you may have expected.  Let us help get you through a transition, coach you through a break up, or give you wisdom in a relationship or work problem.


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People on Purpose is a community. Serving and loving people is our calling.

Our services include:

  • Officiating Weddings

  • Celebration of Life Services

  • Resources

  • Speaking and Interviews

  • POP Moments